Mike Glendinning

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At the age of 13, his parent's dreams of him going to college were shattered when Mike got his hands on a copy of Led Zeppelin 4 . His teen years were filled with high school band rat moments that seemed to follow him through adulthood.  In the last 2 decades, Glendinning has recorded a huge catalog of songs . Some becoming critically acclaimed and others that got critics critically claiming him of mocking the establishment.









As a child, he was brought up on MTV and his parent's record collection. On the weekends his childhood home was filled with the sounds of Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Buddy Holly The Doors, and strange relics from the 60's and 70's that his Mom or Dad just couldn't part with. After nearly 6 years of begging he finally received an acoustic guitar but didn't play it much because of a missing G string.  It took Mike almost 4 months to convince his father to go to the small music store by their house and ask for a "G string".

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