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From representing Morley Pedals and PRS guitars, getting gigs that most of us dream of, even opening a guitar dojo the contributions that Ponch Satrio has made for the guitar is inspiring. 


He didn’t start playing guitar because of the wizardry of Hendrix or Randy Rhoads like a lot of us Jimmy Page hopefuls did, He started playing because he saw the instrument prefect Marty McFly fly across a room from a power chord in the movie Back To The Future.


After learning the disappointing law of physics he still had an obsession with the internet. Within time he became a huge fan of Peter Frampton, Gary Moore just to name a few. 

Although a 6 foot speaker cone didn’t make him fly across the room he did however soar to some amazing heights with the guitar. His first big break was when ex GNR guitarslinger Ron Thal asked Ponch to join him on his Asian tour.


Soon after that dream gig Ponch was once again enjoying another can of whoop ass as county great Jeff Wood asked the young guitarist to do some session work for the hit single “Long Away From OK”.


Ponch has proven to be a humble fellow even working with industry badasses such as Derek Sherinian (Planet X and Dream Theater) Philip Bynoue (Steve Vie) and many other masters of this wonderful Instrument. 


Here at Zoester Records we are proud to call Ponch a friend and we are more than excited to help release his EP “Start Again”.

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